Numbering about 4,500 museum pieces, the Museum of Russian Icon is not only the largest private collection but also the most considerable one in terms of the artistic value of the exhibits. The collection is also unique in terms of its scope and span. It includes the works of the most important art centers of the Eastern Church art: from Antique and Late Roman samples which laid the foundation for the Byzantine graphic art; from early Christian and proper Byzantine antiquities of the VI – XIV centuries, some of which have no matches even in the rich collections of state museums; from Greek and Post-Byzantine monuments; from works of Ethiopian culture – and to Russian icon painting which makes up the core of the collection and embraces a widest period of time from the XIV to early XX century.

17 Преображение 72 St. Nicholas of Myra 78 Prophet Gideon 5 Fragment of a Sarcophagus (or an Architectural Detail) 75 Медальон от гривны-цетавы