18th century iconography was shaped under the heavy influence on Russian culture by European esthetics; thus, it retains a remarkable artistic and stylistic variety. The fact that the Museum created a full-scale exhibition of 18th century ecclesiastical art is, in fact, unique, especially for private collections, since icons of this time-period rarely become the interest of modern collectors. The exhibited icons were created in various artistic styles, yet high artistic merit of the masters is evident in every piece; some may definitely be seen as outstanding masterpieces of their age. The jewel of the Museum’s collection is the series of first-class pieces, painted in the Baroque style in the leading workshops of St. Petersburg and Moscow, in the major iconographic centers in Central Russia, or in the more remote, northern regions – Vologda, Veliky Ustyug, Totma, which, in this time-period, underwent a true artistic renaissance.