1. Collection/ Russian Icon Painting of the 14th – early 20th centuries/

2. Icons of Pskov of 15th–16th Centuries

 470 Воскресение - Сошествие во ад 198 Омовение ног, из праздничного чина иконостаса 197 Воскресение – Сошествие во ад, из праздничного чина иконостаса 218 Богоявление 516 Благовещение, из праздничного чина иконостаса 17 Преображение  556 Успение Богоматери 518 Евхаристия (Причащение хлебом). Фрагмент сени Царских врат 517 Царские врата (правая створка) 519 Царские врата (левая створка) 199 Богоматерь Одигитрия, с праздниками в двенадцати клеймах

The artistic level of private collections and small home museums was often measured by the number and character of the icons of Pskov such collections had. The latter were usually the collector’s pride. The small number of works by the ancient Pskov masters that have survived to this day only increases the value of such acquisitions. In this respect the Pskov collection of the Museum of Russian Icon, counting more than a dozen ancient monuments, is absolutely unprecedented for private collecting.