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Society of Collectors

Society of Collectors of the Works of the Old Russian Art

The decision to form the Society was made on March 30, 2011 during a panel discussion held by the most prominent collectors, restorers as well as famous scientists and museum specialists, including V.M. Momot, A.A. Kokorin, S.N. Vorobyov, G.I. Vzdornov, etc. The event which was quite significant for the history of private collecting of Russian icon painting, took place at the Museum of Russian Icon. Nikolay Zadorozhny (Director of the Museum of Russian Icon) was elected Director of the Society.
The main goal of the Society is to assist its members in activities, directed at:
- elaborating the system and ways of collection activities, promotion and popularization of objects of the cultural heritage, developing the study of the Old Russian art;
- uniting the efforts and creating favorable conditions for realization of the creative potential of collectors of the Eastern Christian art (physical and legal persons involved in collecting);
- elaborating the processes for preservation, study, publication and stocktaking of private collections and objects of the religious cultural heritage (monuments of history, art, culture) held in such collections;
- contributing to the development of science, art, education and culture in the sphere of study, use and protection of objects of the cultural heritage in general;
- promoting and popularizing the history of icon painting and Russian art in general;
- promoting the Russian culture, scientific achievements, Russian intellectual values;
- promoting and popularizing cultural and scientific achievements on the basis of efficient collaboration, contributing to development of educational and popular scientific projects and programs for children, youth, and general public.
The subject of activities of the Society is:
- close collaboration and coordinated activities with art historians, museums, state authorities in charge of the objects of the cultural heritage of Russia;
- coordination of activities of all Russian collectors and organizations involved in collecting works of art;
- joint development of programs for setting up and implementing the full scope of procedures aimed at uniting the activities of collectors;
- researching and attracting domestic and foreign partners, funds, sponsors for the execution of the main goals of the Society;
- elaboration of scientific and methodological approaches directed at improvement of the quality and efficiency of the activities of collectors;
- development of recommendations for settlement of disputable issues in the activities of collectors and organizations involved in collecting and antiquarian business;
- formation of a mechanism of public counteraction to violations in the sphere of protection of the cultural heritage;
- assistance in organizing and holding scientific and practical conferences, seminars, panel discussions, workshops;
- assistance in organizing and holding exhibitions, expositions, implementation of artistic projects;
- assistance in organizing and opening new art exhibition sites, galleries, antique shops;
- assistance in organizing and conducting various cultural and educational tours, including international;
- assistance in organizing and hosting charitable events and acts in the sphere of the Old Russian art;
- assistance in organizing and conducting expert examinations, technical and technological studies, providing consulting and information services in relation to the works of icon painting and objects of religious applied arts;
- carrying out the full scope of works and events pertaining to the protection of the cultural heritage;
- arrangement of the process of application of museum criteria to private collections of the Old Russian art and religious art of the Modern age.
For the purpose of implementation of the above goals the Society shall be entitled to:
- accumulate financial means and tangible assets for implementation of the programs and projects contributing to the goals of the Partnership;
- hold events aimed at mobilizing and efficient application of the funds of Russian and foreign investors, arranging their business collaboration by way of development of informal professional relations, contacts, hosting conferences, workshops, seminars, theme events, meetings, talks;
- conduct scientific research work and development work, implement new technologies in the sphere of natural, technical, social sciences and humanities;
- freely distribute information about its activities, participate in the decision-making processes of state authorities, local authorities, and public organizations;
- found mass media and be involved in publishing business;
- represent and protect its rights as well as the rights and the legitimate interests of the members of the Partnership, other citizens in dealing with state authorities, local authorities, and public organizations;
- present ideas pertaining to various aspects of social life and to realization of the goals set forth in this Charter;
- distribute books, brochures, information newsletters and other printed products connected with the activities of the Partnership;
- carry out other functions pertaining to the realization of the goals of the Partnership and not violating the laws of the Russian Federation and the provisions of this Charter.